İzmir Escort, izmirin en nezih ve elit escort sitesi olan sokaklambası kalitesini her daim olugu gibi yüksekte tutmaktadır

İzmir Escort, izmirin en nezih ve elit escort sitesi olan sokaklambası kalitesini her daim olugu gibi yüksekte tutmaktadır

İzmir Escort, izmirin en nezih ve elit escort sitesi olan sokaklambası kalitesini her daim olugu gibi yüksekte tutmaktadır görselligi zengin icerikleriyle kaliteli olmaya devam etmektedir

İzmir Escort

This is a true story that occurred 20 years ago.
İzmir Escort Bayan
My brother-in-law and I discussed our wife’s on many occasions. Would have loved to fuck his wife Karen my wife’s sister but it never was to be. Both the wife and myself enjoyed watching fuck videos and included brother-in-law and Karen one evening after returning from supper and dance.
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Brother-in-law also wanted to get into my wife pussy so we came up with a plan to see if it might happen. He said they had never seen a fuck tape before so we proceed to watch one.
İzmir Escort
We all sat on the bed in our bedroom as we proceeded to watch the tape. While watching it I started kissing the wife and playing with her tits releasing my hard throbbing cock from my pants. She protested as I pushed her head down on to it. Karen said wow! Don’t look at that she is going to suck him off in front of us and his dick is same size as yours.

With that he pulled out his for her to do likewise. Having discussed and planed this thing in advance we figured if his wife also sucked his in front of us that we might get the sisters to change partners. 

Then it would be a piece of cake to talk them into letting us fuck each other’s wife.İzmir escort Bayan

That never happen but we both had our wives give us blowjobs. Watching him get his cock sucked was hot and I gave my wife a big thick load very quickly. İzmir Bayan Escort
He was not so lucky because after my wife swallowed my cum she stopped it from going any further saying it was a mistake and never should have happened.

I found out that Karen did not like to give Don head. She said it is just as well because he takes forever to cumm. That her jaws hurt before he gets his cum. He begs and pleaded but she refused and that ended what we both hope was the start of a wife swapping thing. 

After seeing Karen suck his cock could not get the idea of me sucking it out of my head and mind. Knowing he would never let a guy give him a blowjob I came up with a plan to get hold of his cock without him knowing it was me doing it.

Brother-in-law and I were to go on a hunting trip this deer season and knowing how much Karen would not could not suck him to completion told him about Helen.

This was an older single lady that I knew and assured him that not only was she available but would do anything I told her to do.

Helen met Don and me one evening and I told her pull out my cock and suck it bitch. She did and Don was hooked.

We went on that hunting trip and after kissing our wives good bye we picked up Helen and was on our way.

Deer hunting we were going two legged kind that is.

After dropping them off in town I proceeded to the motel in Mississippi and checked in. Later that night we unpacked all including video player and video tapes.

Closing the drapes I set up the VCR and pulled down the bed and we all got undressed. Brother-in-law wanted to start by playing with Helen tits and told her suck his cock. She told him only if he, meaning me say so not because he say so.

Let’s watch tape for a while and then I will let her suck you to completion Don.

Telling him that she was a little shy and I was and am the only man she ever had, if he wanted her it would have to be on her terms. She did not want him looking at her or talking while she was doing it.

Don agreed and part one of my plans was now on its way.

Helen and I had it all planed. She had wanted to see a guy suck a cock and I wanted to suck his since I first saw it.

She was to start licking up and down the shaft and then take the head into her mouth and finally suck it until he shot his load down her throat.

We figured if he was as his wife Karen said hard to get off it might take the two of us to do it. Either way she was to start and I was to finish and we had a hand signal when I would just take over for her.

Another condition to Don receiving this blow job was that at no time was he to touch her nor was she to touch him except with her lips, tongue and mouth.

You see this way he would not be able to tell it was me his brother-in-law that was sucking his cock.

Having agreed to all this he shut up closed his eyes and laid back on the bed while Helen started licking kissing his legs and balls slowing licking up his hard cock to the head. She licked around the head taking the tip into her mouth and applying suction to it. God damn I wanted could not wait to change places with her but knew I had to wait or he would figure it out.

She licked and sucked for 20 to 30 minutes before I gave the signal. Slowly I changed placed with her and proceed to lick up and down his hard shaft and then suck just the head of it like she had done. Slowly I sucked more and more into my waiting mouth until I had the whole thing down my throat.

Hell it was better than I hoped for it was leaking pre-cum that was sweet like honey and throbbing up a storm and hard as a bar of steel. I could not get enough of it. It was love at first suck! This would make me a cock hound for sure. I would have to do it again and again if I was lucky enough to be able.

Let me tell you my first time sucking a cock, my brother-in-laws was the best. I licked and sucked and swallowed his pre-cum for a good 45 minutes. Karen his wife had said her jaws hurt and he still has not cummed had me worried that I would never get his load but at 50 minutes he started to throb and jerk in my mouth and then shot 6 big long wad strings of cum into my mouth. They were strong big amounts to be followed by 4 smaller ones for Helen to receive. 

Knowing he would want to see Helen with cum on her lips motioned to her after first 6 shots to take my place.

When she took over I told Don you can now open your eyes and look. He did and said shit! My wife could never finish me off. That was and is the 1st time I ever cummed in a mouth.

He never knew it was me who gave him the blow job and that I got his first load. As far as I know to this day he thinks Helen was the one.

Never got the chance to do him again because he divorced Karen and married Helen, and moved away.

She never told him that I know and if I was to run into him today I would tell him and also beg and plead with him to let me do a repeat performance. Hell! Helen could help me with it. I am sure he would enjoy two pairs of lips and mouths on his cock. I know I do! Male or female, or both of same sex. Who would not?

That the one and only time I tricked my brother-in-law into letting me suck his hard juicy big cock and cum into my mouth.

Helen could suck the chrome off the exhaust of a Harley. 

Lucky Helen



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